21st Century COE Program 'Creation of Agent-Based Social Systems Sciences'
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What is ABSSS? The goal of our research program is to establish innovative social science laying the foundation for a grand design for organisations, business, and politics in the 21st century. To analyze complicated social phenomenon and to meet demands to design new social institutions, we are now pursuing the following programs;
(1) reconstruction of the social systems theory based on agent-based approach.
(2) development of a innovative simulation tool and it's technique.
(3) innovative positive analysis and proposals for social policy, using the new social systems theory and simulation tool.
This triune spiral-up approach of 'theory', 'simulation', and 'positive analysis' is the most remarkable feature of Agent-based Social Systems Sciences.
What is the MISSION?
Our 21st Century COE Program* members are made up of staff of 'Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science of the Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering', and 'Department of Value and Decision Science of the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology' at Tokyo Institue of Technology. The former is domestic hub of complex adaptive system and emergent systems theory, and the latter have rich actual achievement of distinctive research and educational program of social sciences. We have set up 8 research projects in our COE Program, and pursue the following missions;
(1) World-level and multilevel research program toward creation of ABSSS.
(2) Open and dynamic educational program.
(3) facility to offer information internationally as the hub of Network of Excellence (NOE).

* The 21st Century COE Program is an initiative by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Technology and Science (MEXT) to cultivate a competitive academic environment among Japanese universities by giving targeted support to the creation of world-standard research and education bases (Centers of Excellence) in a range of disciplines.
新着情報 What's New List
Listed Date Event Title
2009.4.22 Agent Based Social Simulation Language SOARS Ver. 2.1 is Now Released.
2009.2.18 Up-dated the program of 5th COE Symposium
2009.1.15 Project 8: Research Seminar
2009.1.5 Up-dated the program of 4th Young Researcher's Fourm
2008.12.3 Project 8: Research Seminar
2008.12.2 Project 4: Research Seminar
2008.12.2 Project 6: Lecture on Risk Management
2008.11.26 Up-dated the program of 5th COE Symposium
2008.10.16 Project 8: Seminar
2008.10.8 Project 5: SOARS Tutorial in English
2008.10.8 Project 6: IPCOB Seminar
2008.10.8 Project 1: Special Autumn Lecture
2008.10.8 Project 8: Lecture
2008.10.8 Project 8: Lecture
2008.10.8 Project 1: 2nd Symposium in English 2008
2008.9.4 5th COE Symposium
2008.9.4 4th Young Researcher's Fourm
2008.9.4 3rd Young Researcher's Fourm
2008.7.10 World Congress on Social Simulation 2008 (WCSS-08)
2008.7.10 A Special Seminar on Innovation Management
2008.7.10 SOARS Summer School 2008
2007.12.26 Fellowship: 21st-Century COE Program Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2007.12.25 ISSS Madison 2008
2006.10.17 Fellowship: 21st-Century COE Program Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2006.07.07 Fellowship: 21st-Century COE Program Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2006.05.13 3rd COE Symposium
2006.05.13 5th RA Forum
2006.05.13 4th RA Forum
2006.05.13 SCIS & ISIS 2006 (Co-host)
2006.05.13 WCSS'06: The First World Congress on Social Simulation (Co-host)
2006.04.25 JASAG 2006 Spring National Conference (Co-host)
2006.01.30 Relaunch Our Website!
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